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This is going to be another post that will draw little interest unless you have the same mind and have been in a similar situation. So if you’re looking for bad news, you may as well go elsewhere because you won’t find it here. This is a testimony that I’d like to share with you.

The month of January was notable this year in that I had an acute case of bronchitis. I started taking medications for it and thank God, now I feel better. I am not one to get sick easily, since God has blessed me all my life with good health and a strong immune system, and I dare not take that for granted, but this was a first. It made me get closer to God because I knew that only He has my life in His hands. This morning was the first that God woke me up when I didn’t cough at all, so I praise Him mightily for that.

Another testimony I have is that my right knee began to show forth pain. My left knee has already been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, so I’m assuming this one is arthritic as well. Thankfully the meds I’m taking for the bronchitis (steroids) are powerful enough to dull the pain of my knees while simultaneously controlling the healing progress of my lungs. God gave mankind such incredible ingenuity with these medical inventions and devices. It just makes me want to thank and to praise Him even more.

If you are in good health, thank God for it. He is the One Who gives us strength each day, food in our mouths, clothes to wear, etc. Do NOT fail to thank Him for all the blessings of life, because He is our Provider. If we trust in Him to take care of our needs, He will give us the desires of our heart.

Are you saved? Do you know where you’re going when you die? See this page for more:


As silent as the snow…


It’s snowing hard outside as I type these words of amazement in that hardly any activity has gone on in my YouTube channel. I had deleted all the controversial videos and kept only the ones that pertain to salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, as well as my flat earth videos and trips to the park. Needless to say, many people have neither the time nor the interest in such topics. 

In general, people enjoy sin. We are all sinners by nature so we tend to gravitate towards sinful vice. Some can’t get enough of it. They literally worship sin. As for me, however, even though I am a sinner, I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and I intend my life to be lived for Him alone. That is why I post the Way to salvation in Jesus Christ. It’s both a duty and a pleasure to serve the King of kings.

Satan is a liar and a thief, but he is the god of this world. Yet he is not God Almighty so he is not omnipresent, or omniscient, or all-powerful as God is. But here is a fact that blows my mind. Both Satan and God work together to bring about God’s will in the earth and in the world. They work so closely together that you can’t tell any difference.

The will of God shall be manifested because God’s promises are sure, and Satan is God’s unwilling servant to bring about what will happen in the world today. It sounds incredible and I am still chewing on that one. But it makes perfect sense, because both God and Satan are the two most powerful beings in creation, and God is the One Whose will is being brought to pass as foretold in the Bible. Through it all, God is the Victor.

We are in the last days, even the final hours of God’s timetable. God is allowing Satan to work in diverse ways because we have abandoned God’s laws and we’ve accepted Satan’s rule. But God already knew this would happen. Be assured, friend, that God will always have the final word, even though Satan hates Him and His children and must obtain permission from God to afflict us. But since the world no longer regards the Almighty, He has given the world over to the Devil.

We must choose as individuals whether to serve God or Satan. Our nation may be lost as a whole, but Jesus Christ is still saving souls through the preaching of His Word in the church that is still on the earth. As long as you are reading these words, you still have time to get saved. When we are raptured out, the Great Tribulation will commence and Satan will at last have his way with the wicked world. They will welcome the Antichrist with open arms and for seven years he will be the way that Satan uses to drag billions of unsaved souls to Hell. What a horrible thought, that the son of perdition will be hailed as the messiah of peace. We truly are sinful wretches deserving only of Hell fire, every one of us.

I plead with you today, friend. Get saved while you still have a chance. Things are not going to get better. The world is waxing worse and worse and worse until only the Prince of peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, will come and set all things in order. The New World Order is not the way to peace. The Antichrist will offer a false peace then he will show his true self and kill, steal and destroy countless souls. Do not be deceived in these final hours. You can still become a child of God while the Word is still in the world. Don’t wait any longer to be saved. Tomorrow may be too late. I beg you. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, and thy house.


Super Chat??


I found out YouTube has a new invention. If you live stream a video, you can pay to have your chat window displayed in the ticker for a certain amount of time. “Insane” is what came to my mind. This, I believe, is vanity and foolishness of the highest degree.

It amazes me how selfish we are. While people are dying overseas in plagues and starvation, while teen girls are murdering their unborn babies in abortions, while people stay zonked out on filthy TV sitcoms like “Family Guy,” we now have this new method to get your ugly mug on the chat screen, but for a price. I tell you, this country is headed for the dust. America is not great any longer, and Trump can’t make it great again without the whole nation coming back to God. Nobody cares about anyone but themselves. That’s the New World Order for you, ALL ABOUT SELF!!

People are looking for the Antichrist to come, anxiously awaiting his imminent arrival. They even have saved a spot for him in seat number 666 in the European Parliament. Hardly anyone is waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and catch the Christians out of this evil world. Even fewer are preaching the true Gospel, trying to reach these lost, even pulling them out of the fire, hating the very garment spotted by the flesh. No, the churches are asleep, content in their wicked prosperity gospel and love having their ears tickled and backs scratched instead of hearing blistering preaching and hard core truth from the mighty two-edged sword that is Word of God, while unsaved souls drop down into Hell every second of every day that goes by.

This world will very soon pass away with a great noise, and only the few that are truly saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ will be spared from the powerful, consuming wrath of God Almighty. Where will your selfish vanities take you then? To Hell!!

There is only one way out of this awful world system, but it’s for free. It costs you nothing, but it cost Jesus Christ His life. The Lord Jesus Christ freely offers you the gift of eternal life. He died on the cruel cross, was buried and raised again on the third day by the mighty power of God, because He loves you and doesn’t want your soul to perish in eternal fire. This is the true Gospel, the Good News, that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO HELL!

God is not willing that anyone should perish. He does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked. On the contrary, He wants to have an intimate, personal relationship with you that will last for eternity. You will become a new creature in Christ, and you will be a child of God. You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved from Hell. If you do not believe, you will surely die in your sins. See this page to find out how to be born again.


This blog has six months to remain…

…and then it will be deleted. I’m sure all you God haters out there will be glad to see it go. Too bad, but I will continue to preach and expose today’s evils, because I am commanded to do so.

I had a visit from quite a crowd of the sons of Belial today. They spewed their vomitous hatred and jealousy for my posts and condemned me repeatedly for standing for God. I am not surprised, nor is that the reason why this blog has only six months to go. What I do is basically none of the world’s business so you can take your nasty filth-ridden comments and false accusations somewhere else. You are not shaking your fist at me, but at God Almighty.

Too many people have too much time on their hands, and an idle person is the Devil’s best friend. It’s sad that many people today serve the Devil, whether they know it or not.

And no, I am NOT allowing comments here anymore.

The Necessity of Backsliding

This article on the jesus-is-savior.com website is so incredibly powerful that I had to share. I italicized and underlined everything that gave me a blessing. This is an interview taken from the lips of one of the most potent and prolific preachers that ever trod this old earth, Dr. Jack Hyles–

Brother David Stewart writes:

I have a wonderful book (no longer available) authored by Attorney David Gibbs Jr. from 1994, featuring brief interviews with Pastor Jack Hyles. The great book is titled, “Attorney David C. Gibbs, Jr. Interviews DR. JACK HYLES.”

“The height of your depths is the measure of your greatness, not the height of your highs.”

Attorney Gibbs: What do you do to keep a God-honoring balance in your emotional life? With all of the press of schedule and demands upon you, how do you stay emotionally stable?

Dr. Hyles: I say to my people often that it is not how high your heights are—it is how high your lows are. The height of your depths is the measure of your greatness, not the height of your highs. You grow by raising your depths. Whatever it is your personality or your attendance to church, whatever it is, your greatness is measured by the height of your lowest point.

The other morning I preached—and I have forgotten the text I used and sermon’s title—but I showed how a person grows. I got down on the bottom step and said, “You do not grow like that.”

I said, “That is the way that you grow.” I stepped up two steps and stepped back one. I stepped up three steps and stepped back two. I was preaching that if you are backslidden, then at least hang around where you are.

Here is the most wonderful thought. Peter denied the church, denied the faith, denied the Lord, cursed and swore, was warmed by the devil’s fire, slept when he should have been praying, followed afar off, denied the Lord, and took his clothes off and went fishing. Fifty days later he was preaching the great Pentecostal revival. It took Jacob twenty-five years to get back.

The sweet thing about it is that Peter hung around where he was. He went fishing, but he went fishing where he had walked on the water and where he had seen Jesus calm the storm. As he was fishing he could look up on the hills and see the same place where Jesus had fed the five thousand. He could look over here and see the Capernaum synagogue. Fifty days later he saw three thousand people saved because he hung around where he was. On the other hand, Jacob was twenty-five hundred miles away and it took him twenty-five years to get back.

In that sermon I said, “After pastoring this church for over thirty-four years, I know that all of us are going to backslide. That means you step back some.”

That is the nature of the growth of a Christian—up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down. After awhile your depths will be higher than they were a while ago. All of us are going to backslide. Some of us are going to get mad and leave the church and go to another one. Others get mad and drop out of church altogether. Some of us move somewhere else to make more money.

Some of us, however, backslide and stay in the pew and do not miss anything—we hang around. After a while these people are going to look and say, “My daughter was married right there.” “My father lay in a casket right there.” “I was saved right over there.” After a while, if you hang around where you had it, you will get it back.

The whole purpose of the message was that everybody backslides, because backsliding is a necessary ingredient to growth. It is like the leverage used in pulling a hammer back to hit a nail. If you have a car stuck in the mud, you pull it back and push it forward. Backsliding is necessary for growth. It is a part of spiritual growth if you hang around where you were.

Attorney Gibbs: That is good. We live with the perception that backsliding needs to be eliminated.

Dr. Hyles: Yes, but that is not true. Backsliding is a momentum gatherer. Nobody can keep breathing out. Nobody can keep going forward without times of backing up to get the leverage to grow.

Attorney Gibbs: To dress up, we quit calling backsliding, “backsliding.” We do not want to say that we are backsliding, so what we do say is that we are not as fervent as we once were.

Dr. Hyles: After a while everybody is backslidden. The secret to growing from your backslidden condition is to not stop anything that you have been doing. When you do not enjoy the Bible, read the Bible anyway. If I had lost my appetite, I would hang around the table where there was good food. Eventually, it may smell good to me.

Another thing about being backslidden—we make decisions when we are not qualified to make decisions. We backslide and then we make decisions that will affect our entire lives. Do no do that. When you are backslidden, hold it. Do not make any decisions at all. Just hang around.

In one of my books there is a chapter called “How High Are Your Valleys?” where I talk about this. Take the temperament. All of us are going to be out-of-sorts sometimes. The secret is not how sweet we can get, but how “un-sour” we can get. It is how much less sour we are when we are irritated the next time. (Lord this is good stuff!! AMEN!!)

You do not eliminate your negatives; you simply raise your valleys. You do not eliminate the depth of your valley, you simply raise the bottom of your valley. Your valley is just as deep when you are growing as it was when you were not growing, but the bottom of that deep valley is higher than the bottom of the deep valleys you once went through. If I am up here, my valley is just as high on the top as it was down here.

One reason that God allows it to be that way is so that we will realize our need of Him. We feel just as despondent in our valleys now as we did years ago, even though the bottom of our valley now is above what our peak used to be years ago. Everything is comparative. If you go to a mountain range, the big mountains do not look any bigger than the small mountains.

How high are your valleys? I try to raise the depths of my depression. I try to raise the depths of my discouragement. I do not try to eliminate discouragement. It will never be eliminated. (Amen to that!!)

On Sunday night I preached “Let No Man Take Thy Joy.” I said that joy is never associated with anything on earth. It is always associated with Heaven.

The Bible says to “rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10:20). It says to “rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven.” (Matthew 5:12).

I rejoice in the glory of the Lord. Joy is never associated with anything on the earth. Joy depends on you—happiness depends on someone else. God never commanded us to be happy; He commands us to be joyful.

I said to the people, “Leave each other alone. Do not try to remake your husband. Do not try to remake your wife. When you do that you are just trying to make yourself happy. That is selfishness. Leave her alone, work on yourself. Then you will have joy. When you work on someone else, then your happiness depends on them. You are trying to make yourself happy by depending on them.”

That is the wonderful thing about preaching. I said, “You cannot do a thing for me. You fellows, I want to improve you tonight, but I cannot improve you unless I improve me and you see me improve.”

The whole thing, as I see it in the Christian life, is based on this matter of not allowing yourself to get as low this time as you did last time. Do not fight depression; fight the depression that you had before. Do not fight the discouragement; fight the discouragement that was as deep as it was last time. You get discouraged because you cannot keep yourself from getting discouraged. You can take this matter of the heights of your valleys and apply it to any area of life. For me it is one of the great nerve centers.

Attorney Gibbs: I have never heard anybody say it that way.

Dr. Hyles: It is so vital. It is so vital in a marriage. You are not going to prevent some dissention when you know someone every day. Do not try to prevent dissention; try to raise it from the last time. Accept it as a part of marriage, but raise it all the time. As you do that you will also raise the heights of the happy times. This will improve your discouragement, improve your depression, improve your recession time. That will take care of improving the high hours. If a guy jumps six feet high and he is three feet above sea level, then he will jump nine feet above sea level. Most of us jump as high as we can go, and then we go back to where we were.

SOURCE: Chapter 7 from the awesome book, Attorney David C. Gibbs, Jr. Interviews DR. JACK HYLES, pp. 93-96; FUNDAMENTAL PRESS © 1994, Seminole, Florida.

Thank You Lord Jesus for this awesome man of God.

The Necessity of Backsliding

A letter from the JW’s

Dear Cassandra,

I just received your mail regarding my husband and family attending your meeting. My husband passed away last February. He was not interested in God in any way, shape or form. He died an agnostic.

I would also like to tell you that my late father was a Jehovah’s Witness. He did not enter into Heaven the way your religion speaks of. He died in his sins and went to Hell, as did my husband, and they will remain there until the resurrection of the lost when they will appear before the Great White Throne and then cast into the Lake of Fire.

I think your religion is void of truth and a cult. It took my father away from me because he did not believe on Jesus Christ and His shed blood the way the King James Bible says. Every one of you will be held accountable before God on his behalf.

I am a born again Christian, and I believe the Bible. I think you have a lot of nerve to send your vain literature in the mail. Do you get paid for this? Do you drag your family through this abomination you call your religion? You are serving Satan, and he is laughing at you because you reject the free gift of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to Heaven, NOT through cults or chants or rituals. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, and you will be when you and your cult face the final judgment.

Do not send me any more trash, because it will end up in the trash can. Have a nice day.

The Widow of Ted

The Powerful Weapon of Thankfulness


God’s gratitude has given me a wonderful day today. It is not a bragimony, but it’s all because I let go of all my pride and allowed God to work in my life through praise and thanksgiving to Him.

I observed that giving thanks to God is a powerful deterrent to the Devil. Satan flees when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees, so it is said. Thankfulness and praise to God are two things that Satan cannot abide. The Word of God is mightiest of all. When we are one with the Almighty Creator of the universe in prayer and gratitude, we are unstoppable, unmovable and invincible. God is my Strength and Power, and He maketh my way perfect. Who am I to fear when God is with me?

I chose to thank the Lord today for all I have. My back, hurting from arthritis and other physical ailments I may have, are by no means a reason to give up on serving Him. My body may be slowly losing strength, but God is for me and He supplies all my needs.  

I have always been a selfish person. If you have read my older entries you can see that for much of my life I lived for myself. When I realize this, I know I am not pleasing the Lord, Who gave all that He had for me to obtain eternal life, even His very shed Blood, so priceless, powerful and persuasive. Who am I to hold back what is already His?

It makes me very ashamed and humbles me greatly when I see my sinfulness and fleshly desires overwhelm me. It is something that is innate in every human being. This is the reason for the sin nature: selfishness, self-interest, self-approval, etc.

Bur God has something entirely different in mind. I notice that God is always the opposite of us, because we are sinners and He is the Savior. God’s ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. Though God created them perfect, Adam and Eve sinned when they ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree, which God commanded them specifically NOT to eat. The serpent appealed to their self, which they had never served before, thus the following shame and fig-leaf cover-up afterward.

Before his fall, Adam was the only sinless man besides the Lord Jesus Christ. Since we are created in the image of Adam, we all have been passed down Adam’s sinful nature. Thus the ongoing, thousands-year long battle between good and evil.

Unsaved people possess a soul that is dead directly from Adam’s rebellion in the Garden. Both he and Eve ate of the forbidden tree and died spiritually. This is where we get the term, “spiritually dead.” Their fellowship with God was broken when their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked. They were created by God to live forever, but sin was their ruin and shame, and God cast them out, and cherubim wielding a flaming sword was put on guard to keep the way of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They did not die physically until hundreds of years later, and they had many children, but every one of them was born spiritually dead, inheriting the curse from God that would be passed down through all future generations.

When you are saved, you place your faith in Jesus Christ, believing on the perfect gift of His shed Blood at Calvary to wash your sins away. You are given the power to resist sinning. You are given the power of praise and thanksgiving to God. You desire to serve God instead of living in the flesh. The Holy Ghost takes up residence in your soul and creates in you a new creature. That’s why born again believers are vexed at sin, and, if they are living for God, they avoid it at all costs.

This is the reason I am thankful. Jesus Christ knew me when He was born, lived, died on the cross and was raised from death. He knew me from before time began. He loved me before anyone else did, especially when I was unlovable. He gave His life on that old rugged cross for my sins. I am no longer bound for Hell fire. I was His enemy, but I have been saved from God’s wrath (PRAISE THE LORD) and now He calls me His friend. Not slave, not bondwoman, but a FRIEND of God, and I will soon see Him in all His glory. Hallelujah! Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful is my Savior’s love for me.

There are so many reasons to thank God. Just waking up in the morning and being able to walk around, having clean clothes to wear, food on the table, a roof over my head, and so much more. How dare I only think of myself when God gives me so much! The Bible says to ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, and knock and it shall be opened to you. There is NOTHING impossible for God. He is worthy of all our praise.

I can give thanks for everything He allows in my life, the good and the bad, the hurt and the healing, the power and the powerlessness. I look to Him for strength, guidance and peace. I have a Friend that sticketh closer than a brother. I have a Provider for ALL my needs! For this I thank Him, and I will praise His mighty Name as long as He gives me breath. Thank God for His unspeakable gift in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This time of year many are lonely. Jesus knows your loneliness. You can thank Him for it because you have the power to commune with Him like at no other time. Many are in want of basic needs. You can praise the Lord because Jesus has the power to provide for everything you need, for He is the God of miracles. Many are addicted in some way to some vice. You can ask Jesus to break those chains and choose to serve Him and not self any longer, and you can offer Him the sacrifice of praise for it.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Answer to ALL your problems. Are you born again? Do you know where you are going when you die? See this page.


My Geneva Bible #2 is officially given away!


So how to begin? This is so overwhelmingly awesome I can barely start posting.

My church has an annual event called “White Elephant Giveaway.” Every Christmastime we have a Ladies’ Fellowship where we have a Bible study, indulge in healthy snacks and play God-honoring games. One such game is this said White Elephant.

We all sit around the table and we each have a gift before us on the table. A story (such as “Frosty the Left-Handed Snowman”) is told in that whenever you hear the word “right,” you pass the gift to the right, and when you hear “left,” you pass it to the left. It’s great fun and very exciting, because you don’t know which gift you will end up with at the end of the story. 

So it happened that my gift contained my 2nd Geneva Bible plus some jewelry that I no longer wanted for myself. I had prior purchased a Geneva and I had also received one free of charge, no doubt because of the Christmas season. So I was wracking my brain, trying to decide who to give this 2nd Bible to. Don’t you know, God had the answer all along! So God gave it to someone whom HE wanted! It was totally out of my hands and in His!

I hope the lady who received this Geneva Bible appreciates it as much as I did mine! Thank You, Lord, for having YOUR way!



Yesterday was a milestone for me. I underwent a certain test and I am awaiting the results. Thankfully everything went smoothly and with no problems. It’s the waiting, and the results themselves, that have me somewhat concerned.

Isn’t this just like life? Things are going as they always do and then suddenly there’s a change in course. But as a born again believer in Jesus Christ, I know that God uses these kind of situations to get our eyes fixed on Him. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, just different. 

When you realize that only God can get you through a difficult time, it’s your job to give it to Him and let Him handle it. If we do this and let go of our fleshly worries, God gets the glory and we grow in grace. Yes, it’s hard to do this, but God even supplies the grace we need to actually do the letting-go first. 

God wants us to give Him our all: our life, our health, our home, family, job, etc. After all, He is the One Who gave us these things to begin with! It all belongs to Him; it just matters how we steward these gifts. If you’re not saved, then you have no idea what I speak of. But if you are saved, you will know. 

Okay, it can’t be that bad to mention it. I had a colonoscopy done. The prep was nasty but somehow I got it down, gagging on it because of the taste. When I got to the hospital, everything went well and I was done in 2 hours. I am now recovering from this ordeal. However they did find a polyp and that is my concern. Please pray for the results, that it is benign and not malignant. Lord willing I’ll get a letter from the doctor explaining it in a week. I have to go back and get another colonoscopy done in 3 to 5 years.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5 & 6

Bro. Stewart, you are not alone.

Some On Broken Pieces…

I stumbled over this article in the jesus-is-savior.com website, and it made me think how similar this preacher’s and my marriages were. His ex-wife was apparently like me, but I am in no way as careless or brazen, but she was an immature person as I know I am. I too dislike doing “wifely duties,” but when I was married to an overbearing former-biker I couldn’t bring myself to do what he said because I was afraid of him. We never dated but he had his way with me, and being young, stupid and naive, I allowed him to boss me around. “Doormat” was a good description for me.

Back then I was immature in Christ, saved but still a babe, spiritually starving and not feeding on milk because I was going to Catholic church, and my husband’s self-righteous attitude and arrogance made me not want to be around him. I grew to hate him. I used to say we had nothing in common but our kids.

Like Bro. Stewart, we had four children, which I at first knew nothing about caring for, but my husband told me in no uncertain terms how to raise kids. That’s an oxymoron in the Biblical sense because he was an agnostic/atheist and he had no clue on raising children the Bible way. He hated me going to church and leaving him with the kids. He didn’t care about cussing around them so they grew up doing the same thing and saw nothing wrong with it. He was very froward and brash, but underneath his rough exterior he had a strict way of getting things done, which I failed to learn.

Like Bro. Stewart also, I couldn’t bear people at church praising their Proverbs 31 wife or Godly husband. Many times I too left the room because I would get angry and start weeping. I soon realized that it was my fault that things weren’t working out in my marriage because I wasn’t loving him the way he wanted, but I was selfish and wanted my way while he wanted his way at the same time.

Eventually I took my children to church when the Holy Spirit kept telling me gently that I needed to take them with me. God knew what He was doing and He gradually taught me to do better with them. I was the cross-carrier in my home, and I needed to start acting like it. My husband was the pricks I kicked against, not my Almighty God. Though I wanted to please the Lord, it was half-hearted.

My kids went to our church’s Academy and, although they didn’t graduate, Godly seeds were planted. However, I failed to read them the Bible and pray with them because I was afraid my husband would find out. So after they became teens, they left the church and didn’t come back. There’s a few I can blame for that, but I blame myself the most. I pray for God to forgive my complacency and lead them back into His fold, because I know two of them are saved and the other two can certainly get saved. It’s an individual decision, and I can’t force them.

My husband passed away in February 2016 so now I am a widow. Thank God we never got divorced, although for several years he had considered it and moving in with another woman against my will. He had already been divorced twice before he met me. But I realized (slowly) that part of being Christlike is loving all people in spite of their shortcomings, and after my husband admitted he was seeing someone else, I made up my mind and became friends with that woman. I admit I hated her at first, because that was the way of the flesh, but after I gave it to God and swore to Him that I would love her for His sake, I became friends with her. My family was astonished at my change of heart, and  still are to this day. We aren’t buddies or “besties,” but whenever I see her I talk to her like a human being that Jesus died for and treat her right, because Jesus treats me right!

Also like Bro. Stewart, I have no intention of getting married again. I revel in being single and I want to serve God as long as He gives me breath. I have my grown children with me and they all have their father’s traits, and they miss him much more than I do, but we are a solid family unit, and I love them with all my heart. I will keep praying for them the way I should have prayed for my late husband. Not a day goes by when I don’t regret my hard-heartedness towards my spouse, but God tells me to forgive myself and to move on in His ways, one day at a time. That gets the cobwebs out of my head, and I am grateful for what I do have.

Bro. Stewart, in the unlikely event that you are reading this, may I say I partially understand what you are going through. Our lives are different but I saw some things we have in common, and that is why I am writing this. I would ask for you to pray for me and my family as well. Time is growing short and they need to get right with God, and I need to hold fast to the truth which in Christ before them. No, it isn’t easy, but with His help anything is possible. Thanks for the article. I enjoy your website and visit it frequently. God bless you sir. See you one glad day.